Cashout games at Casino X

For those users who are no longer interested in free demo versions of games, the question of how money is withdrawn at Casino X is very important.Unfortunately, many people have already faced unpleasant moments when they freely transfer money to their account, play and win. but they cannot return the deposit and honestly earned amounts. Fraudsters carefully disguise their fake sites, giving them a look similar to Casino X with instant money withdrawal. Therefore, in order not to end up without your hard-earned money, we strongly recommend using only the official casino website and checking its authenticity in various ways.
Unlike “fake” sites, casino X slot machines with withdrawal of money work flawlessly and honestly “give away” the money earned. In order to use Casino X with withdrawing money, you need to know how to deposit these funds into your account and then cash out.
We can say that withdrawing money from Casino X is not very difficult for users, as it is detailed on site and should not cause any difficulties even for a novice player.

Popular games at Casino X:

Entering the amount into the account

In order to use the online withdrawal of money, you must first register and select the method of replenishing your account. You can use a bank card of an international type, for example, Visa or Mastercard, as well as transfer funds from your phone or use existing electronic wallets.
The same account will be used to withdraw funds from the Casino Ch. The method of withdrawing winnings is quite simple and not requires no special knowledge, you just need to remember the sequence.
Having entered money into the account once and thoroughly figured out how to withdraw money from the game, each user will quickly remember the scheme and will no longer need special prompts.

How to get your winnings

The existing rules for withdrawing money from Casino X are simple and straightforward, no different from the same methods in other gambling establishments on the Internet.
As in most other online gambling establishments, we can withdraw funds in two ways:

  • Automatic.
  • Manual.

Automatic withdrawal of money to Qiwi or to any other electronic wallet is carried out when the minimum amount set by the casino is accumulated on the account. The withdrawal request is submitted by the system automatically. The user is only required to clarify how to withdraw funds, that is, where exactly they need to be transferred – to a card, a bank account or to one of the electronic wallets of the user’s choice.
After the player understands how to withdraw the winnings automatically, they will go to his card or e-wallet in about 3 – 5 days.
The second way to withdraw winnings from Casino X is manual. It means that the client decides for himself when he needs to withdraw funds. He creates the application personally, but the administration of the institution needs to check whether the player has the specified amount on the account. Its size for withdrawal cannot be lower than the minimum.
Further actions for receiving money are no different from those for automatic withdrawal

ID confirmation

In order for Casino X withdrawal games to be safe for all users, the casino administration may require confirmation of the identity of the client claiming the withdrawal of the earned funds.
This is done so that our administration is sure that the funds were requested by a real person, and not malicious or fraudulent software. To do this, you just need to send the administration a photocopy of any document confirming the identity of the client, for example, a passport.
If the user does not withdraw money from Casino X, you need to contact the administrator for help.