Bonus policy Casino X

Bonus policy Casino X

In our casino the players are regularly given additional amounts transferred to their accounts, called ‘bonuses’. You can use bonuses as real money after the necessary quantity of bets (described below). Player’s may withdraw real money completely including winnings, irrespective if the received bonus amount has been wagered.

The following bonuses are available in Casino X:

Monthly – depending on deposit amounts made for the previous month, player’s receive a bonus according to the following table:

  • $0-29.99 + 0%
  • $30-59.99 + 5%
  • $60-99.99 +10%
  • $100-199.99 +15%
  • $200-499.99 +20%
  • >$500 +25%


Joining the VIP-club – Xasino X gives a bonus for VIP-club players. We provide to the play account with the amount of bonuses equal to the amount of deposits made during the last 7 days from getting VIP status.

Birthday’s: on the VIP players birthday we present them with large bonuses. Players get different amount of bonuses according to how much they have played. The minimal is $100 bonus.

To use bonuses as real money, i.e. to cash them out or win real money with them, you should wager 30 times more than the amount of the provided bonus.

In our casino bonus can be converted into real money in all the games.

But in some games for offset wagering bonus considered to be part of the bet you made:

  • In American roulette – 50% of the wager you made.
  • In American roulette live – 50% of the wager you made.
  • In Without Zero roulette – 20% of the wager you made.
  • In European roulette – 20% of the wager you made.
  • In Multiball roulette – 20% of the wager you made.
  • In Multiwheel roulette – 20% of the wager you made.
  • In European roulette live  – 10% of the wager you made.
  • In French roulette – 10% of the wager you made.
  • In BlackJack – 5% of the wager you made.
  • In all Pokers, videopokers, Cards HiLo and HiLo52 – 20% of the wager you made.
  • In all the other games – 100% of the wager you made.

If you are VIP-player, then you just need to wager 25 times more than the amount of accrued bonus for all listed above games. The bonus bets made both by real money and by bonus ones, are taken into consideration. Once the full amount of the bonus is wagered, the bonus immediately is added into the real money account.

The information about the availability of the real money and the bonuses on player’s account’s can be viewed in the ‘CASHIER’ window.

Casino X bonuses

The detailed information about when and how much bonus amount’s was provided are available in the ‘BONUSES’ menu of the ‘CASHIER’ window. If there is not enough wagered bonus part on the account to convert into real money during bonus wagering, then only the available bonuses on account will be converted to real money. If there is not any bonus on account during bonus wagering, then nothing is converted to real money. During the cash out of bonus amounts, it decreases on the player’s account in proportion to the amount of the real money withdrawal. All the bets made by the player’s are made with real money, and the winning is also real money. If the real money is wagered, then the bonuses are used for wagering and winnings are also bonuses.

Casino X has developed special types of bonuses for all players! Follow all our news. Wagering on roulette. Do not use mutually exclusive bets with the purpose to increase the bets for wagering. Such actions will be regarded as an abuse of the bonus policy. In the case of abuse of bonus policy, the casino reserves the right to disconnect the player from the bonus policy.