Online Roulette at Casino X

Online roulette at Casino X is currently perhaps the most popular way to make money and tickle your nerves. The gameplay is simple. There is nothing difficult in making a bet, and just watching where the ball will fall.
The process is so exciting that the player can not restrain his impatience. And the prize becomes a prize. In the online gaming club Casino X, any visitor will be able to withdraw the prize amounts the way they want.

Roulette at Casino X

Withdrawal options

At Casino X, the visitor can claim the winnings they have earned in the online roulette in the following way:

  1. Web-Money. The most practical system for withdrawing funds through electronic payments. Money in the wallet can be stored in a user-friendly currency.
  2. YuMoney. The system works only with ruble currency. Its advantage is its clear and simple interface. But there is a high commission for money transactions.
  3. Online roulette with withdrawal of money “cooperates” with the electronic wallet Qiwi. A very convenient option for users, since it allows you to operate with various amounts.
  4. Withdraw funds via SMS. You can simply click to top up your account and the ruble will be provided.
  5. Money. Mail. It is convenient because there is a real opportunity to get a loan in the electronic money payment system.
  6. Moneta.Ru. These are already several wallets from the above, which are combined into one whole.

Using virtual currency to play roulette is the fastest and most reliable way to withdraw the won amounts and cash them out.

What you need to withdraw money

Casino X Roulette Online

Before making the first cash out, the casino visitor must provide his / her identity documents. This kind of manipulation occurs only for the first time. But the casino owner, in any case, needs to know whether the person who earned it by playing honestly at roulette is being withdrawn money.
It is necessary to decide which electronic wallet will be used for withdrawal. Quick receipt of money is guaranteed only if the selected payment system cooperates with the online casino.
Any gambler who has visited a casino to play roulette wants not only to enjoy an exciting gambling game, but also to collect the winnings as soon as possible. In Casino X, this moment is fine-tuned to the smallest detail. Each visitor will be able to withdraw funds as soon as possible.